Sunday, January 27, 2013

I heart artichokes

These beautiful beasts are growing in the plot next to mine and over the last month or so they've been lighting up the garden with their incredible purple glow. At dusk the purple is so intense they almost seem to glow from within.

Artichoke flowers are chockers with pale whitish pollen and the bees have been having a field day. I've included a blurry shot of a snoozy bee who was seemingly so overwhelmed by the floral bounty he fell into some kind of pollen coma.

People tend to think of artichokes as a bit of a posh, privileged sort of vegetable but in actual fact they are barely one step removed from field weeds. They are actually part of the thistle family. Generally it's the unopened buds that people eat but Jude let these mighty monsters got to flower and you can really see their wild and weedy, thistle-y pedigree. Thanks Jude.


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