Sunday, January 27, 2013

A visit to Rushall Garden

A couple of weeks ago I rode home from a friend's place past the Rushall Community Garden just near Rushall Station, in North Fitzroy. On a whim I stopped for a closer look. There was a woman watering her plot and with her permission I had a look around while she finished up. It's such a gorgeous place, more established that Merri Corner, lots of green, overflowing plots and laden fruit trees, benches in shady spots and interesting sculptures nestled amongst the communal beds. In one of the plots towards the train line discovered the wrought iron trellis of my dreams. I wish I could've gotten closer for a better shot but nevermind, here's a picture for future reference.

During my wandering I noticed that almost all of the plots were covered in a wonderful thick layer of mulch. I asked the gardener I met if there was a reason for this and she said they ordered it, as a garden, in bulk. I reckon plenty of mulch is one of the key features of a happy healthy garden but it seems to be something that a lot of people overlook. Bulk ordering is a great idea, something we should think about again for Merri Corner where the mulch can be, well, thin on the ground.

Anyway, here's a few quick, not very good, snaps of my visit to give you a little bit of an idea.


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