Sunday, July 12, 2015

Brighton Rock

I'm rubbish at growing things from seed. But I've been trying to get better, mostly in an effort to reduce the number of plastic pots I chuck away. So I always check out the seed shelves when I'm at a nursery. A coupla years ago, at Bunnings, I grabbed a promising looking packet of speckled snapdragon seeds, an old, presumably English variety called Brighton rock. I'd certainly never seen anything like them in the ready to grow punnets so I figured, for a couple of bucks they'd be worth a go. 

I managed to raise some in the fishtank-come-greenhouse and I planted them out into the garden where they did, absolutely nothing. For about a year and a half. Now, all of a sudden they've put on a burst of growth and begun to flower. Glorious, pink-specked yellow clusters of funny little dragon faces. Turns out they were totally worth the wait.

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