Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spring Bling

First day of spring and the garden in general is blossoming. The orchard is awash with pink and white with an under-carpet of sunny English marigolds. Brassica and rocket are bolting all over the place in a blaze of yellow and white. Pink pigface spill over and lavender spikes form a cloud of grey blue at the entrance.

Our plot has been soooo slow it's been quite depressing but things are finally starting to happen there too. A few flowers here and there to keep the spirits up... calendula for the most part - I hacked them back today in the hope that they'll bounce back even better in a couple of weeks. Nigella, chamomile and sweet peas are finally getting their act together, the poppies have buds and the broad beans are cranking at last. Cosmos springing up here and there too. Tiny self-seeding speckled lettuce were relocated from the patch where they'd sprung up in a bunch and popped throughout our plot (and the garden in general) to add a bit of leafy colour as well. Fingers crossed for a good few weeks of growing and it might even look good for the wedding on October 5th.


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