Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Spring, You Sexy Thing!

I mean that title both figuratively and literally. Flowers are, of course, plant's reproductive organs so sweetly scented spring blossoms mean a whole lot of pretty, petaled procreation is going on, right under our noses. Of course, the flowers have been at it since late winter (wattles, plum blossoms, magnolias) but weather-wise it's been along wait this year for spring. We're now in October and it would seem the days are finally showing some promise of warmth. The garden is all abloom. I've never noticed quince trees before but the tree at the garden (pictured above) has the most lovely flowers and my wild and woolly tangles of sweet peas are finally beginning to bloom.

Still only a couple of flowers but I'm hopeful they'll soon be a huge mass of sweetly scented blooms. The plants were self seeders from last year so I wasn't sure how they'd look. Seems they've thrown back to the wild, Sicilian red and purple variety which would explain their crazy, tangled growth form which I politely refer to as over-enthusiastic. I love how the wild ancestry comes back so quickly. Must read up about those monks and early genetics.

In the meantime here's some more gratuitous flower photos. How could I resist....

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