Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Pick of the Bunch

Call me old fashioned but I love cut flowers. I am a compulsive plucker, and I almost always have a vase, jar or jug of something somewhere around the house. With the arrival of spring, all sorts of flowering lovelies have exploded down at the garden just begging to be picked and put into vases. And, despite a lack of planning I've even got a few cute things flowering in the pots out the back.

My enduring favourite would have to be the sweet peas. When I was a little girl, our next door neighbour, Robert, erected a trellis one spring and planted the most spectacular bed of sweet peas. It was great fun watching them grow up the trellis and when they flowered they were breathtaking. Mum cut big bunches of them and I used to love going over and staring at the wall of scented loveliness. I've had a fondness for sweet peas ever since.

I have a couple of sweet pea plants in my plot at the moment and there's lots of sweetpeas going off their heads in some of the neighbouring plots as well. Next year, come spring, I might just take a leaf out of Robert's book and plant the plot with a wall to wall tangle of sweet pea fabulousness.

Anyway, the following photos are all of recent blooms.... a few of them are double ups. I think it's fascinating the way a bunch of flowers takes on a different character in different lights and I love the way they change over time. All of the flowers pictured were picked from the roadside or from my garden(s). The only exceptions being the last two photos, a bunch of glorious florist-bought poppies from my true love that I just couldn't resist including. Sigh.


M and F thought it was hilarious to pose beautifully with their posies for a moment, only to fall down shrieking with laughter every time I tried to take a photo. Turned out it was pretty funny. The posies didn't last long but plenty of fun was had by all.


Poppy love.

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