Saturday, February 5, 2011

Water under the Bridge

reflections at the back of the velodrome

The Merri Corner Community Garden gets its name from the Merri Creek, which flows merrily past at the bottom of the Donald Street hill. Torrential rain overnight has done amazing things to the creek. Jogging up the eastern bank this morning was incredible – most of it was unrecognisable. I knew I’d have to take the route on the high side, I usually do after heavy rain. But even so, Lucy and I had to go cross country on numerous occasions because the water was up over the path. Well up. Lucy was pretty excited, and I have to admit, so was I. It reminded me of walking through the flooded park across the road from my parent’s house when I was a kid (on one memorable occasion I found a big freshwater turtle in the middle of a puddle).

I’ve never seen the Merri even close to as high as it was this morning, but reflecting as I jogged, I realised that four years isn’t all that long. Fortunately I ran into a friendly old Irishman walking the creek with his German shepherd. He (the Irishman, not his dog) cheerily informed me that he’d never seen the like.... and he’d lived here 15 years. Now that's more like it!

After my jog, I grabbed my phone and took a couple of quick snaps. As if the internet wasn’t already overflowing with flood pictures, here’s a couple more for your viewing pleasure.....

from the South side of the Moreland road bridge - swirly!

Moreland Road bridge, Northern side

sodden, behind the velodrome this afternoon
Oh, and yes never fear, the garden itself is unwashed. Thoughts are, of course, with those in other parts of the country who got flooded for real.

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