Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stuff and cuteness

Pot of greens - Lebanese cress, red-veined sorrel, perpetual spinach and salad burnette.

Orchid magic!

A surprise in the vase of long finished roses.

Bing! String of pearls, at it again.

New pots

Freezing here but couldn't resist a bit of under cover potting in the cold, planting out the succulent snippings I pinched (literally) from mum's garden. My new favourite DIY planting invention are cuboid tins made into hanging containers using a couple of nail holes and some wire. I've also been busy with the ceramic drill. And I found something to fill the weird, tall, metal planters I found at the op shop. Photos are dodgy (gloomy/ cold hands) but I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out. 

backyard moments

We had cake for breakfast out the back today. Serenaded by the strange sounds of nexdoor's washing machine/dryer (?!) it was delightful nonetheless.

Brighton Rock

I'm rubbish at growing things from seed. But I've been trying to get better, mostly in an effort to reduce the number of plastic pots I chuck away. So I always check out the seed shelves when I'm at a nursery. A coupla years ago, at Bunnings, I grabbed a promising looking packet of speckled snapdragon seeds, an old, presumably English variety called Brighton rock. I'd certainly never seen anything like them in the ready to grow punnets so I figured, for a couple of bucks they'd be worth a go. 

I managed to raise some in the fishtank-come-greenhouse and I planted them out into the garden where they did, absolutely nothing. For about a year and a half. Now, all of a sudden they've put on a burst of growth and begun to flower. Glorious, pink-specked yellow clusters of funny little dragon faces. Turns out they were totally worth the wait.